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If you’ve ever wondered what RuPaul was doing when he was 27 back in 1987, check out this 19 minute piece of weird video art - a movie called RuPaul is: Starbooty.

This is the full length but it was originally done in 3 parts. They are also available on youtube but the quality is not as good and the quality of this video is not great. The premise is that she is an ex-model secret agent who has to stop two kidnappers who are holding the president’s son captive! “I was an ex-model and now I’m a top spy and I’ll work those little twins till they die! For America!”

As an experimental film it’s campy and trashy in the best way. We see her running around in the street over which an improvised score provided by RuPaul plays “I   am   star    booty. Starbooty. Star star star booty. etc” and then drifts into narration and then dialogue.

RuPaul is so polished and controlled its interesting to watch her be a little gangly and raw in this video although there are moments of greatness, like the an INCREDIBLE monologue she gives about the dangers of drugs. I think it gives some perspective to Drag Race and made me imagine how he would have competed in the competition at 27. Side thought: Possible Looper spinoff…

Twenty years later RuPaul made another installment in the Starbooty franchise and when no one wanted to distribute it he released it himself. Because she is the baddest!

I’m a little shocked that this only has 96 views.

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